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About Robyn...

Robyn was born in Silver City, New Mexico in 1942.  He grew up in Hurley, New Mexico and attended Cobre High School.  He was an athlete lettering in football and track and still holds a record for the  hurdles.  After high school he went to Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, attending for one semester.  After leaving NAU he went to Albuquerque, New Mexico, seeking employment.(Which incidentally is where Susan lived.)  

Robyn and Susan met at church camp (Camp Thunderbird) in 1958 when he was 16 and she was 13.  They were married July 2, 1961 in Palomas, Mexico (They married again in Hurley to make it official.)  They had three children, Donna, AEnid, and Randy.  All three children met their loves and have kept the tradition of long marriages: AEnid and Mark Ptazsinski, Donna and Robbie Milam and Randy and Yvette Freberg. God blessed them with 10 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.

Robyn accepted the Lord in 1965 and has been a faithful Christian ever since, including serving as an Elder and youth leader for many years. Robyn truly had a servant heart, helping anyone he met along the way that he found in need. This is something that his children continue to emulate today because of the example set by their father. 

In Albuquerque he had many jobs to support himself, Susan and Donna including driving a milk truck. In 1963 he moved his family to Hurley to take a job with Lane Plumbing in Silver City. Later he worked for the power company , walking the power lines through the hills looking for broken insulators. He took a job working on boilers for the Kennecott Copper Company.  In 1966, got his master plumber and master gas fitter licenses and started Adele Plumbing.  In 1969 Robyn moved his family, which has now grown to include AEnid and Randy, to Phoenix, Arizona.

Robyn worked for multiple plumbing companies in the Phoenix area. He had a hand in the construction of  homes built by major developers in the Valley such as John F Long, Allied, and  Del Webb in the original Sun City.  Next he worked at Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant as an instrument fitter.  Between the construction of Unit 1 and Unit 2 he started a gutter company and completed his time, at Palo Verde, as a General Foreman.

Robyn spent hours and hours walking Sun City and surrounding area trying to attract customers to his new business, only to be told time and time again, ""You can't run a gutter business in the desert!" The gutter company, he started which became R/S Service, has expanded and added additional product lines, and has become a trade partner for most major home builders in the valley.

Robyn and Susan have lived at the same address since the early 1970's. He was always active within the community and neighbors knew that they could depend on Robyn to help out if they needed a hand. He served three terms as a Commission Member on the City of El Mirage's Planning and Zoning Commission.

Since 2011, Robyn has been a proud member of the Verde Vaqueros. We just found out that Robyn was to have been presented with the All-Around Roping Buckle at this year's Annual Verde Vaqueros Ride.

Robyn enjoyed spending time with his family.  He loved hunting and fishing with his children and grandchildren.  He was an avid reader and especially enjoyed history.  On more than one occasion, he contributed more historical information than the museum guide had.  He learned to rope when he was in his forties and enjoyed competitive team roping the rest of his life.  He was also a classic car enthusiast and a great story teller.

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